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we recorded this on 12/26/12.

all the hours you wait is
sean on guitars/yell
alec on bass/some yells
gili on drums

thanks for listening

if you dig it, grab it on cassette from friendly otter


released December 28, 2012



all rights reserved


all the hours you wait New Jersey

a band from wayne, nj

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Track Name: whitewater
i saw the waterfall ahead but didn't stop along the shore as there was nothing that i couldn't get from the river and as i started my descent i heard you singing from the pier but every note was lost to the rocky bottom but if i stopped along the shore my anchor rooted in in and still then maybe we could have roared in tune, but i can't go as easy as i'd like
Track Name: paltra
i found the blueprints laid out in plan view your last dissappearing act from obligations from what you had the nerve to leave behind and now creeps in the backdrop waiting for you to carry it out
Track Name: wraith
your words are poison
Track Name: goodluck jonathan
yearning is pain ive been yearning to feel but the things that i yearn for are so far from real that had grown from an image to a thought i cant bear to the point where the once smiling faces just stare at the tear in the screen now a gaping hole just gaping in awe watching the credits role as you stole from my patience ill steal from your heart and the lines at gas stations turn into your art as they take for example the web that you spun and bound all the branches that fooled everyone we're functioning bodies but broken machines but this car will keep running as long as we breathe moving constantly forward ignoring our crimes and slowly withering one cell at a time